Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

Focus On Links Between Alcohol And Cancer, Australia

Freitag 25. Juni 2010 von htm

AMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce, said today that more needs to be done to stop young people from taking up drinking at an early age, including banning alcohol advertising and promotions that are targeted at teenagers and adolescents. Dr Pesce said that excess alcohol consumption is known to be a contributor to cancer rates in Australia. The 2010 edition of Australia’s Health, released yesterday, showed that there are rising rates of cancer in the community and that cancer is the leading cause of disease burden in Australia. (Source: Medical News Today, 6/24/10)

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Australian Medical Assoc. Welcomes Alcopops Legislation

Samstag 15. August 2009 von htm

AMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce, today welcomed the approval of the alcopops tax by the Senate and said it should be followed by more comprehensive measures to combat binge drinking. „The Government should prohibit the targeted marketing of alcohol products to teenagers and adolescents, and ban the sponsorship of sporting events by alcohol manufacturers,“ he said. (Source: Medical News Today, 8/14/09)

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