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Obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption and years lived with disability: a Sullivan life table approach.

Mittwoch 25. Mai 2011 von htm

Background: To avoid strong declines in the quality of life due to population ageing, and to ensure sustainability of the health care system, reductions in the burden of disability among elderly populations are urgently needed. Life style interventions may help to reduce the years lived with one or more disabilities, but it is not fully understood which life style factor has the largest potential for such reductions. Therefore, the primary aim of this paper is to compare the effect of BMI, smoking and alcohol consumption on life expectancy with disability, using the Sullivan life table method. …
Results: Life expectancy at age 55 differed by 1.4 years among groups defined in terms of BMI, 4.0 years by smoking status, and 3.0 years by alcohol consumption. Years lived with disability differed by 2.8 years according to BMI, 0.2 years by smoking and 1.6 by alcohol consumption. Obese persons could expect to live more years with disability (5.9 years) than smokers (3.8 years) and drinkers (3.1 years). Employing information on time to death led to lower estimates of years lived with disability, and to smaller differences in these years according to BMI (2.1 years), alcohol (1.2 years), and smoking (0.1 years). … (Source: biomedcentral.com, 5/24/11)

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Framework for alcohol policy in the WHO European Region

Dienstag 18. August 2009 von htm

WHO-Publication Report online
The European Region is the WHO region with the highest alcohol intake in the world. Both per capita consumption and the disease burden from alcohol are twice the world average. Alcohol is the third-largest risk factor for death and disability in the Region and the largest risk factor among young people.

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