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Drinking alcohol, even in moderation, ‚a dementia risk‘

Mittwoch 18. Juli 2012 von htm

The findings, presented at an international conference, challenge the notion that some alcohol could be good for ageing brains.

People who stick to recommended alcohol limits are still at risk, as well as bingers and heavy drinkers, according to the work.

The study tracked the health over 20 years of 1,300 women in their mid-60s.

The risk, ranging from mild cognitive impairment to full blown dementia, was higher among those who reported drinking more alcohol.

Women who switched from abstinence to drinking over the course of the study also increased their risk.

Those who drank alcohol „in moderation“, meaning seven to 14 alcoholic drinks a week, were also more likely to develop problems with memory and brain functioning that can be a warning sign of future dementia. …
(Source: Google alcohol news, 07/18/12) (news-ad-hoc.de, 18.7.12) bbc.co.uk, 07/18/12

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Comment: After The Heart Now Dementia

Dienstag 1. September 2009 von htm

Online Comment on „Moderate Drinkers Less Likely To Develop Dementia“ on Medical News Today, 8/30/09:
Now we have the same epidemic news as we have had it with heart disease. And here researchers declare openly they did not explore the characteristics of individuals. That means, it is not clear who the abstainers are: Former alcoholics, people with diabetes, abstainers for one month, a year or lifelong. I know many lifelong abstainers, many of them lived 90 and more years, but not one of them showed abnormal signs or died of dementia.

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After the heart now dementia

Montag 31. August 2009 von htm

Moderate Drinkers Less Likely To Develop Dementia says a study from The Australian National University.
People who drink light to moderate amounts of alcohol in later life are less likely to develop dementia than people who abstain from alcohol consumption. (Source: Medical News Today, 8/30/09) Comment online. The same story again: Characteristics of individuals recruited into the studies were not checked. Pure alcohol marketing.

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Alcohol May Not Be So Good for You, After All

Samstag 27. Juni 2009 von htm

Many studies have suggested that using alcohol in moderation may help heart health and even prevent diabetes and dementia, but some scientists are questioning the purported benefits of moderate drinking, the New York Times reported June 16. Kaye Middleton Fillmore, a retired sociologist from the University of California at San Francisco, suggested that moderate drinking is simply what healthy people do, as well as exercising and eating right. Tim Naimi of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that moderate drinkers are healthier, wealthier, and more educated and that these social advantages have nothing to do with their drinking. (Source: Join Together, 6/23/09) Comment: It’s high time a well-known newspaper brings up this question. Let’s hope other will follow.

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Binge Drinking ‚Increases Risk‘ of Dementia

Freitag 15. Mai 2009 von htm

„Drink is known to kill brain cells, but the estimate of its impact on neurological health, contained in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism, indicates that the problem may be much more widespread than previously thought. The rise in the amounts that people drink means ‚it is therefore likely that prevalence rates of alcohol-related brain damage are currently underestimated and may rise in future generations,‘ say the authors. Dr Jane Marshall, one of the co-authors and consultant psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital in south London, said: ‚People think that dementia is something that happens to people over 65. But a lot of those under 65 have got cognitive problems and a large proportion of the problems in that group are related to alcohol. …“ (Source: Harvard World Health News, 5/14/09) The Observer, London, 5/10/09

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