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EU: European Commission says minimum pricing on alcohol is not impossible

Dienstag 21. Februar 2012 von htm

In a recent answer to a questions regarding minimum pricing by a Scottish MEP George Lyon, the European Commission has shed some light on the ongoing debates.

In response to the following question:

Can the Commission detail the existing treaty provisions and case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union in relation to the ability of a Member State to introduce minimum pricing for alcoholic drinks?

The Commission stated that Council Directive 92/83/EEC of 19 October 1992 [1] does not prohibit Member States from setting minimum retail prices for alcoholic beverages.

The Commission further explained that a national measure of minimum pricing and its effects needs to be compatible with the Treaty (TFEU), including the rules on the free movement of goods (Articles 34-36) and on competition (Articles 101-102). …
(Source: Eurocare, 12/13/12)

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EU: Question to the Commission by Alyn Smith (Verts/ALE)

Freitag 4. März 2011 von htm

Europe is the heaviest-drinking region in the world — we drink, on average, 11 litres of pure alcohol each year. Alcohol costs our society an estimated EUR 125 billion every year in spending on such things as the treatment of diseases and policing and in terms of lost productivity, etc.
This being so, could the Commission please provide data that show how much of the European budget is currently spent on the promotion of alcoholic beverages?
Does the Commission intend to continue to spend these levels of funds on the promotion of alcohol?
Answer given by Mr Cioloș on behalf of the Commission: … (Source: Eurocare Newsletter January-February 2011)

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EU: Commission eyes behaviour research to ´road-test´ consumer policy

Samstag 20. November 2010 von htm

On 22 November, top international researchers, EU policy makers and consumer advocates are gathering in Brussels for the conference „Behavioural Economics: So What? Should Policy Makers Care“. A major pilot study on consumer decision-making in retail investment serviceswill be presented and will feed into the debate.
The conference looks at possible concrete applications of behavioural consumer research in testing, optimising and streamlining consumer policies.
The key questions to be tackled include: *
– What behavioural economics call tell us about consumers that economic models or surveys cannot?
– Are there relevant examples where the behavioural approach has significantly improved the effectiveness of policy
– Which key factors influence consumer decisions?
The Behavioural Economics conference can be followed live via web streaming from the conference site. The site also
includes the detailed programme of the conference sessions and the press programme.

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