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US-Study Explores Action of Alcohol-Related Metabolic ‚Switch‘

Freitag 13. November 2009 von htm

A study of fruit flies finds that heavy drinking may initiate a genetic process that increases alcohol tolerance but also switches the body from metabolizing alcohol to forming fat in the liver — the underpinning of the deadly disease cirrhosis.
North Carolina State University researchers said the findings could have implications for human drinkers: the genes that help fruit flies adapt to alcohol consumption have a corollary in the human ME1 gene, which is known to be related to alcohol use. (Source: Join Together, 11/9/09)

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Liver Expert Calls For Worldwide Treaty On Alcohol

Donnerstag 7. Mai 2009 von htm

Governments across the globe must unite and act now to develop a worldwide treaty on alcohol to reduce the growing burden of alcohol related harm, warns a liver specialist in this week’s BMJ.
Rarely a day passes by when, as hepatologists, we don’t see a patient whose psychological or physical wellbeing has been marred by alcohol, writes Dr Debbie Shawcross from the Institute of Liver Studies at King’s College Hospital in London.
In the UK, the death rate from alcoholic liver disease has doubled in the past 10 years, while its incidence has risen eightfold in the under 35s as a culture of binge drinking has evolved among young people. As such, the incidence of cirrhosis is expected to increase exponentially and there will be a 500% greater need for liver transplantation in the next decade. (Source: Medical News Today, 5/5/09)

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