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USA: Alcohol taxes, privatization, and „charge for harm“

Mittwoch 3. November 2010 von htm

Massachusetts voted to repeal a 6.25 percent alcohol tax, and Washington has blocked at least one measure seeking to privatize liquor distribution. Meanwhile, California approved Prop. 26, possibly negating efforts to require the alcohol industry, among others, to pay for the harm caused by their products. (Source: Join Together, 11/03/10)

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Rally in San Francisco to Support a Charge for Harm Alcohol Mitigation Fee

Dienstag 10. August 2010 von htm

Economic Analysis Shows Zero Job Impact While Raising Millions for City.
In an enthusiastic display of solidarity, 200 people rallied on the steps of San Francisco City Hall yesterday in support of a groundbreaking “Charge for Harm” alcohol-related fee ordinance. (Source: Marin Institute, 8/05/10

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“Charge for Harm” Alcohol Mitigation Fee Program Introduced

Freitag 2. Juli 2010 von htm

… by San Francisco Supervisor Avalos. San Francisco has broken new ground again by introducing a broad, local alcohol mitigation fee program, to charge alcohol wholesalers for related city and county services. On Thursday the Comptroller’s office is expected to release a “nexus” study showing the relationship of alcohol sales to costs for community behavioral health services, firefighter emergency medical transport and Sheriff inebriate holding costs.
“San Francisco government agencies cannot continue to subsidize the alcohol industry. Alcohol consumption costs San Francisco residents tens of millions of dollars in harm every year,” said Bruce Lee Livingston, executive director of Marin Institute. “It’s time for Big Alcohol, including wholesalers, to pay its fair share. A local alcohol charge for harm fee is long overdue.” (Source: Marin Institute, 6/30/10) Press Release – – – Local Fee Fact Sheet

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USA: A Lot of Bang for Booze Bucks

Freitag 2. Juli 2010 von htm

Marin Institute has just published a new report that chronicles how Big Alcohol spent $3 million in campaign donations and lobbying expenditures in 2009. The list of legislators on the take includes key committee members and the governor’s “Budget Reform Now” PAC. The report uncovers what Big Alcohol got for its money, including the defeat of increased alcohol taxes and a proposed Charge for Harm mitigation fee that if passed, would have provided the cash-strapped state with $1.4 billion in new revenue. (Source: Marin Institute, 6/30/10) Press Release – – – Read Report – – – Charge For Harm

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Sign the Charge for Harm Postcard

Dienstag 23. Februar 2010 von htm

Dear Legislator,
I support AB 1694 — The Alcohol-Related Services Program It’s time for Big Alcohol to pay its fair share of California’s annual $38.4 billion in alcohol-related trauma care, hospitalization, treatment, prevention and criminal justice costs. (Source: Marin Institute, 2/20/10)

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