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What does alcohol do to your region…

Samstag 19. Dezember 2009 von htm

… and what can you do about it? Regional responses to preventing alcohol-related harm.
Alcohol has been estimated to cost Europe 125 billion € per year in total tangible costs. That is the figure that emerges if we calculate the burden on our health and social services, on our police and judicial systems, in lost working hours, in accidents and damage to property. Many of our regions are facing the frightening reality of our young people drinking very large amounts of alcohol at a very early age. It is our role as regional politicians to fully appreciate the harm that alcohol can have on our citizens, our societies and our economies. For many of us alcohol is an accompaniment to social events and, when consumed in low doses, not harmful. But we cannot ignore the damage that alcohol can cause.
We invite you to join us in Barcelona on 11-12 May 2010 for this AER conference, kindly hosted by the Department of Health of the Government of Catalunya (E), aiming to learn about the negative impact of alcohol and about the policies and actions you can take to prevent. (Quelle: Google Alkohol Alert, 19.12.09) aer.eu, 19.12.09

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