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USA: Governments Turn to Alcohol to Patch Budgets

Mittwoch 14. Oktober 2009 von htm

Some formerly dry communities in USA are allowing alcohol sales in order to generate tax revenues in tough fiscal times, while states are seeking higher alcohol taxes to close their own budget deficits. (Source: Join Together, 10/9/09)

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US State Budgets Get Boost from Alcohol Tax Increases

Donnerstag 30. Juli 2009 von htm

June 30 marked the end of the fiscal year for a number of states, and with many suffering from dramatic budget shortfalls, the question looms large, how many states will raise alcohol taxes to prevent cuts in much-needed programs and services. While California’s budget still remains uncertain, several states have taken action, including New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. (Source: Marin Institute, 7/9/09)

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