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TOP NEWS: UK: “They’ll Drink Bucket Loads” – The subtle subterfuge of alcohol advertising.

Montag 7. Februar 2011 von htm

“To own all routes to sociability; football, music, and everything else that brings the lads together, is to dominate the beer market.” –Ad agency Mobious in Carling strategy document, 2006.
“Carling Commandments: Thou shalt never abandon your mates in favour of a girl… though shall never desert thy mates in drunken distress, thou shalt always welcome a mate’s mate.”
–Slide presentation by Hill & Knowlton advertising agency, pitching Coors for sports advertising, 2006.
“Shot used to crank up the evening, accelerate the process of getting drunk with less volume of liquid. Sense of danger. For a pleasure ride or to get blasted.” –Slide presentation by ad agency Cheethambell JWT, 2003.

When the U.K.’s House of Commons Health Select Committee ordered up a report on alcohol last year, the resulting paper once again put the alcohol industry in the spotlight, after researchers at the University of Stirling gained access to a treasure trove of documents from four alcohol companies and their ad agencies. …(Source: Addiction Inbox, 02/06/11)

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