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USA: Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney on Alcohol Testing Accuracy

Montag 22. November 2010 von htm

The accuracy of breathalyzer machines has been hotly disputed since states began to use them in the 1930s, according to Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer William Moore. Numerous factors can cause false positives or otherwise affect results, such as:
* diabetes, * acid reflux disease, * cigarette smoking, * eating bread, * mouth alcohol, * breathing pattern or hyperventilation, * other reasons Breath testing is not the most reliable method of evaluating the amount of alcohol in someone’s body at a given time.
It also does not measure for any other factor or substance that could cause impairment, such as Xanax or other prescriptions, or illegal drugs, says Broward DUI lawyer Moore. (Source: Google Alkohol, 11/22/10) floridaduilawyer.blog11/21/10

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