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USA: 12 States with Worst Beer Tax Rates

Donnerstag 24. Februar 2011 von htm

While deficits mount, 6 states haven’t raised beer taxes in 50 years or more.
Marin Institute, the alcohol industry watchdog, launched its Neglected & Outdated Beer Taxes Map today. This new interactive tool helps those who want to raise beer tax rates to balance state budgets or erase deficits.
“Just point your cursor at a state and you can see the your current beer tax rate, the year of your last tax increase, and the loss of revenue from inflation,” said Bruce Lee Livingston, Marin Institute executive director and CEO. “We show the twelve states that have hit the bottom of the barrel in beer tax revenues and are the most overdue for an increase.” (Source: Marin Institute, 02/16/11)

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