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European research institutes plea for a ban on sport sponsorship by the alcohol industry

Mittwoch 6. Juni 2012 von htm

Results from the project Alcohol Marketing Monitoring in Europe (AMMIE) stress the need to implement a ban on sport sponsorship of alcohol brands in Europe. The project clearly shows that popular sports like football are heavily sponsored by alcohol brands, which is also the case with the UEFA Championship in Poland and Ukraine starting the coming weekend. – The AMMIE project shows how sport is being sponsored intensively by alcohol producers and that a ban is clearly needed, says Wim van Dalen, coordinator of AMMIE and Director of STAP – Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy.

More sponsoring, more drinking
Recent studies shows that sport events sponsored by the alcohol industry are associated with higher levels of alcohol consumption among the sport spectators compared to spectators at sporting events where the event is not sponsored by the alcohol industry. This is especially worrying when the UEFA Championship starts the coming weekend with Carlsberg as one of the main sponsors.

Many sport clubs sponsored by the drinks industry
The AMMIE project has made the first attempt to examine alcohol-branded sport sponsorship of the top clubs of the five most frequently performed sports teams in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Until now there has been no data available that gives insight in the number of sport clubs that are sponsored by alcohol brands. AMMIE shows how this is widespread and should be paid more attention to. In AMMIE, national statistics were used to select the five most frequently performed sports teams in each country. Of these sports, the ten teams that play in the highest division are rated as top clubs. Of these 50 top clubs, the club websites have been scanned thoroughly for the presence of alcohol-branded sponsors. Following is data from each AMMIE country more detailed described.

Young people exposed
Although the sport events with the famous clubs are not exclusively viewed by youth, nonetheless children and adolescents represent a significant proportion of the general viewing public. In this regard, the message to youth is clear: sport and alcohol consumption is positive and fun and famous players support the very brands advertised. Alcohol consumption is therefore connected to the healthy image of sport activities, although it is, in reality, a causal factor in more than 60 different diseases and illnesses (WHO, 2007). …

Alcohol sponsor shapes the image of the club

AMMIE provide insight into the way sponsorships shape their contributions to popular sports and their clubs in the five countries studied. Not only does the presence of an alcohol brand sponsoring a sport club stand out, but also the role of this sponsor in shaping the image of the club. When alcohol producers sponsor a sport club, not only can their logo be found on their website, the stadium or sporting hall can be named after the alcohol brand and the alcoholic beverages of this brand can be sold on the website and/or within the sporting club (canteen/bar). In this way the alcohol brand attempts to associate itself with the sport, the sport club, its sportive success, the loyalty of its fans and its positive image in society.

For more information contact:
The Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP)
PO box 9769
3506 GT Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 30 6565041/ 0031 6 53295544

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Eurocare Newsletter 4/2012

Donnerstag 3. Mai 2012 von htm

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(Source: Eurocare, 05/03/12)

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AMMIE: Alcohol Marketing Monitoring In Europe

Dienstag 17. November 2009 von htm

A systematical way for monitoring alcohol marketing will be developed in order to get insight in alcohol marketing practices in different European countries and to enable policymakers and other stakeholders to improve the existing alcohol marketing regulations within the framework of the self regulation systems.
NGOs in the participating countries, Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, will monitor the
volume and content of alcohol marketing practices for one year. Also young peoples opinions will be asked to get more insight in the way young people perceive the message in advertisements and to hold their opinions against the judgements of the advertising code committees. In order to promote alcohol marketing monitoring throughout Europe, all organisations who are interested in monitoring alcohol marketing are invited to join the other partners. The AMMIE project, which is funded by the European Union, has started in July 2009 and is coordinated by the Dutch institute for alcohol policy (STAP). (Quelle: EUCAM Newsletter, 11/17/09)

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