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Big Beer Takes Over in the USA

Montag 7. Dezember 2009 von htm

Forget about kicking back and enjoying an American beer; a massive wave of consolidation is transforming the industry. According to a recent report by the Marin Institute, a California-based alcohol industry watchdog, a rush of buyouts and mergers in the last years of the Bush Administration has left two overseas giants in control of 80 percent of American beer consumption. Source:smirkingchimp.com 11/26/09) Comment: A big story on the history of the beer monopolies in the USA with many sarcastic comments, including ours: Many of the commentators do not understand that they are misused by the alcohol industry, that we all are passiv drinkers, forced by the alcohol industry to pay a life long the alcohol related harm in our society, regardless how much we drink. If we can reduce the total consumption of alcoholic beverages, we all have the profit in quality of life and financially with lower taxes and insurance premiums.

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