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USA: Airports and Airlines Easing Access to Alcohol

Mittwoch 8. Dezember 2010 von htm

Airports and airlines are making alcohol increasingly available, USA Today reported Nov. 30.
Airlines began promoting cocktails and other alcohol more heavily in the past year, according to consultant Jay Sorensen. „What’s happening is airlines are becoming better retailers of products,“ Sorensen said. „They’re doing things to highlight the fact that, ‚Yes, indeed, we do sell alcohol on the airplane.‘ They’re trying to mimic what occurs on the ground in terms of consumer promotions.“
One example includes a „happy hour“ offered by American Airlines for fliers purchasing alcohol on certain flights in the month of December. United Airlines gave passengers in its Economy Plus section free wine this past summer and now offers its own signature cocktail. … (Source: Join Together, 12/07/10) Comment: Swiss Parliament just agreed that airports may sell alcohol duty free to arriving passengers too.

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