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USA: Nebraska Ruling: Higher Alcopop Taxes Ahead

Donnerstag 24. Februar 2011 von htm

In a recent victory in Nebraska, the Lancaster County District Court ruled in favor of the public health by declaring alcopops to be distilled spirits rather than beer for taxation purposes. As spirits, alcopops will be subject to a higher tax rate, which is shown to reduce consumption of these dangerous drinks while also raising much-needed funds for alcohol treatment programs. (Source: Marin Institute, 02/16/11) see also Join Together, 02/24/11

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Australia: Higher Taxes on ‚Alcopops‘ Cut Consumption

Donnerstag 5. März 2009 von htm

Sales of alcopops fell 26 percent in the three months after Australia increased taxes on the sweet alcoholic drinks. The tax was increased in April 2008. Researchers said about half of the decrease in sales could be attributed to cuts in alcohol intake, while other former alcopop consumers switched to drinking cheaper beer and wine. (Source: Join Together, 3/4/09) Comment: Too little effect.

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