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NZ: Alcohol select committee continues to disappoint communities

Freitag 26. August 2011 von htm

The Drug Foundation today expressed surprise that the Justice and Electoral Committee recommended only tinkering to the Alcohol Reform Bill, saying that many thousands of submitters had expected much greater improvements to the Bill.
The Committee received an unprecedented 8,822 written submissions, and in-fact had to split themselves in half in order to hear from the more than 352 oral submitters.
“The vast majority of submitters urged the Committee to strengthen the Bill, particularly asking for tougher controls over alcohol advertising and an increase to the price of alcohol, which were measures first recommended by Sir Geoffrey Palmer’s Law Commission report,” said Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 08/25/11) drugfoundation.org.nz, 08/25/11 Read Full Bill

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NZ: Alcohol Should Be Hidden Like Dirty Movies

Mittwoch 2. März 2011 von htm

Displaying alcohol in supermarkets should be treated in the same way as dirty movies are displayed in a video store, the Alcohol Reform Bill select committee was told today. Alcohol Action said the proposals adapted by the Government from a Law Commission report into alcohol reform did not go far enough.
Alcohol should not easily accessible and should not be displayed at the front of stores or with other products such as fruit and vegetables, the group said today.
„Supermarkets are treating alcohol like it’s a commodity rather than a drug,“ spokeswoman Professor Jennie Connor said. „It should be treated like dirty movies, they should be in one corner of the supermarket at the back.“
The group opposed the continuation of supermarkets being allowed to sell alcohol and said it was not fair for children or those trying not to drink to be constantly exposed to it.
The bill, drafted last August, would affect bar hours, off-licence trading, liquor advertising and the purchase age. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 03/01/11) voxy.co.nz, 02/24/11

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NZ: Alcohol proposals agreed

Freitag 11. Februar 2011 von htm

The Queenstown Lakes District Council’s submission on the Alcohol Reform Bill is expected to be approved by the Community Services Committee next Tuesday, just in time for its February 18 deadline.
Agreed on by a working party of over a dozen affected parties including licensees, community wardens, police, hoteliers and community groups, the submission identifies consensual goals for the control of liquor and the tools required to achieve it.
The submission on the Bill, which was released for public consultation on November 11 last year, stated the wording of the Bill must be „clear, concise and avoid potential ambiguity“ for terms. … Source: Google Alcohol News, 02/11/11) odt.co.nz, 02/11/11

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NZ: Public encouraged to speak up on alcohol law reform

Montag 7. Februar 2011 von htm

It’s our turn to shout media release.
New Zealand is on the brink of some of the most significant amendments to its alcohol laws, but communities need to speak up about their desire for change.
That’s the message alcohol law reform proponents want to drive home, with only ten days left for public submissions on the Alcohol Reform Bill.
New Zealand Drug Foundation Executive Director Ross Bell said he was pleased with many aspects of the Bill, which is the Government’s response to the Law Commission’s liquor law review, but that it fell short in a number of important areas. … (Source: Google Alcohol News, 02/7/11) scoop.co.nz, 02/07/11

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