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USA: FTC Requires Major Alcohol Producers to Release Online Marketing Information

Freitag 4. Mai 2012 von htm

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is requiring 14 major alcoholic beverage producers to provide information about their online marketing. The FTC will use the information for a study that will guide recommendations on how the alcohol industry should regulate itself, both online and offline.

The last time the FTC completed an alcohol marketing study was in 2008, using data from 2005, according to The Kansas City Star. That study found only 1.9 percent of alcohol marketing expenditures went toward Internet efforts.

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically since then, with a much greater emphasis on social media. For example, Bacardi has at least seven Facebook pages, with a total of 1.7 million fans, according to David Jernigan, Director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. He notes that Captain Morgan Rum has a video game app for iPhones. Many companies connect with consumers through Twitter. …
(Source: Join Together, 05/3/12)

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USA: Alcohol Producers Pour Out Campaign Cash for Parties

Donnerstag 24. März 2011 von htm

Whether you prefer your wine red or white, your spirits on the rocks or your beer frosty cold, chances are your bartender is pouring a drink infused with politics.
Many of the most recognizable brands lining store shelves are made by companies that contribute heavily to federal-level politics, according to a Center for Responsive Politics analysis of campaign finance data. And many are ensuring the cup of only one party overfloweth. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 03/23/11) opensecrets.org, 03/23/11 our Online-Comment: It is hard to believe that lawmakers may establish laws to the benefit of the public if they are paid like this by the alcohol industry. At least these figures are available. But who takes care?

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Conflict over liquor sachets in Malawi

Dienstag 8. März 2011 von htm

Malawi now experiences a conflict over liquor sachets. Government and NGOs versus alcohol producers. Health versus profits. Also other countries in Africa face problems with the small plastic bags with strong liquor.
A few years ago a variety of small plastic sachets with 40 % spirits were introduced to the markets place in a number of African countries. Now problems have become very visible from the sale and use of such alcoholic beverages, in particular among the youth and the poor. This has resulted in public outcry and political discussions in an attempt to do something to the problem.
In Malawi there was an encouraging political process last year which aimed at banning the sale of liquor in plastic sachets. Now, as a result of a court decision, the process has stalled. Governments and NGOs have their hands tied up by the court injunction, while the strong liquor continues to be sold to minors, through legal and illegal channels. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 03/08/11) add-resources.org, 03/07/11

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ICAP: Actions on Harmful Drinking Initiative in Vietnam

Mittwoch 1. Dezember 2010 von htm

The major drink driving initiative launched in Hanoi as part of Global Actions on Harmful Drinking (www.global-actions.org) will be
co-implemented by ICAP and the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC).
The International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) and Vietnam’s National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) today launched a Joint Initiative on Drink Driving to be carried out in Vietnam through 2012 as part of Global Actions on Harmful Drinking
Global Actions on Harmful Drinking is the result of a collective commitment made by the chief executives of major international beverage alcohol producers to make a significant effort to address harmful drinking in the 2010-2012 time frame. Global Actions efforts in 18 low- and middle-income countries are currently addressing three critical areas: Drink Driving, Self-Regulation of Advertising and Marketing, and Noncommercial Alcohol. ICAP is the lead coordinating organization for this series of
initiatives. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 11/29/10) icap.org, 11.23.10 Comment: ICAP, the institute of Big Alcohol, gets in contact with governments of developing countries. It’s aim is not to reduce alcohol consumption but to avoid that governments introduce effective measures. At least governments are aware that there is an alcohol problem. Will there be a honest evaluation of results?

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Meeting of Alcohol Producers in Brussels

Samstag 24. Oktober 2009 von htm

“There is no Single European way to Consume Alcoholic Beverages”
– Understanding Different Drinking Patterns Across Europe key to Successful Alcohol Policies. EU-level policy to reduce alcohol-related harm must be tailored to respond to diverse, complex realities in the different Member States. This is the conclusion of experts meeting in Brussels today at a scientific conference, organised by the Wine Information Council. (Source: Google Alkohol Alert, 10/23/09) flensburg-online.de, 23.10.09 Comment: In the media-report they pretend: „Furthermore, the literature suggests that the regulatory approach is simplistic, and sometimes counter-productive, punishing moderate drinkers and leaving problem drinkers unhelped.” The literature they mention is their own literature. The reality is just the contrary. Moderate drinkers and problem drinkers have a profit by regulatory measures, which reduce consumption and harm. We all are at any time passive-drinkers under the pressure of the alcohol industry and suffer from tremendous harm and social costs. We need regulatory measures. They alone are able to reduce overall consumption. That’s the only reason, why the alcohol industry doesn’t like them.

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New trend report on Corporate Social Responsibility

Montag 20. Juli 2009 von htm

EUCAM has released its newest trend report called: Corporate Social Responsibility: the New Marketing Tool. From its conclusions: „By including the brand name in social responsible campaigns, brand awareness and brand recognition are raised. Therefore, it is safe to label such campaigns as advertisements. In these campaigns the alcohol producers claim to contribute to the solving of alcohol related problems. Thus far, those claims have not been scrutinized well enough to say that they do, or do not, hold water. What we can say is that comparable CSR campaigns of the tobacco industry have been proven to have no effect or even undesirable effects on behavioral changes (14).“ (Source: EUCAM, 7/18/09) (see also the new campaign by the British Government with the alkohol industry)

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