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EUCAM Newsletter November 2010 No. 2

Mittwoch 3. November 2010 von htm

First evidence-based model to evaluate alcohol marketing regulations. The FASE project (Focus on Alcohol Safe Environments) coordinated by the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy
(STAP), resulted in the development of an evidence based framework to evaluated existing alcohol marketing regulations from a public health perspective. (visit www.faseproject.eu)
Ireland: Renewed call for a total ban on alcohol marketing practices. The College of Psychiatry of Ireland repeats their call for a ban from 2008. They state that alcohol advertising and
sponsoring should be banned, because of multiple breaches of the self regulation codes, often found without consequences. (press release College of Psychiatry of Ireland, September 12th 2010)
Finland: Task Force against “alcohol-friendly culture” to ban alcohol advertising in Helsinki.
A working group of Helsinki is proposing radical measures to curtail what is seen as an “alcohol-friendly culture” that reigned in the city. “Alcohol has become a part of everyday living and on-drinkers tend to cause consternation” the working group says. (Helsinki Sanomat – October 22th 2010) (Source: EUCAM Newsletter November 2010 No. 2)

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