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New law on alcohol in France

Donnerstag 6. August 2009 von htm

Enforced since 22 July 2009:
– Ban on selling alcohol to minors under 18 (versus 16 before) [was demanded by Anpaa]
– Ban on free offer of alcohol (open bars) [was demanded by Anpaa].
– Sale in petrol stations is forbidden between 6pm and 8am (versus 10pm and 6am before)
[Anpaa supported a total ban].
Unfortunately advertising for alcoholic drinks on internet is allowed but under the same conditions as those for the press and the billboards (loi Evin)* : ads are not authorized on web sites used by young people or edited by sport organisations. This will be difficult to control! When ads are authorized, it is under the reserve that they are neither intrusiv nor interstitial [Anpaa tried sucessless to negociate a total ban with only an authorization for advertising on the industry’s web sites].
*Reminder : advertising, is forbidden namely on TV and cinema, press magazine for youth…and when authorized ads are strictly controlled. Sponsoring is also forbidden. (From ANPAA, 8/6/09)

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