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Alcohol-related deaths and deaths among people who were alcohol dependent in Ireland, 2004 to 2008

Samstag 16. Juli 2011 von htm

This paper describes, for the first time, trends in alcohol-related deaths and deaths among people who were alcohol dependent in Ireland, as recorded by the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) for the years 2004−2008. The main findings of the analysis are:
The NDRDI recorded 672 poisoning deaths in which alcohol was implicated in the five-year period. This total comprised almost equal numbers of alcohol-only poisonings and alcohol polysubstance (alcohol plus other substance/s) poisonings. The annual number fluctuated over the period, being highest in 2007 (170 deaths) and lowest in 2006 (111 deaths). Alcohol was the substance most frequently
implicated in all fatal poisonings in Ireland in the five-year period. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 07/15/11) HRB Trends Series 10

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More Austrian women become alcohol dependent

Dienstag 15. Juni 2010 von htm

The amount of alcohol dependent women in Austria is increasing rapidly, warns the director of the Austrian Anton Proksch Institute Michael Musalek. If this trend continues, the amount of alcohol dependent women in Austria is going to redouble. Alcohol seems to be very popular in the Alpine Republic. The country takes the top places in the international comparison. (Source: Google alcohol news, 6/14/10) austrianews.co.uk, 6/14/10 Comment: It seems the prevention work of the Institute ist not successful. At least the politicians are not listening to them.

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Healthcare Rationing Affects the Alcohol, Drug Dependent

Dienstag 18. August 2009 von htm

One of the big concerns about national healthcare reform in USA is the prospect of government rationing of care, but a pair of recent stories shows that such decisions are already made in the U.S. as well as in Europe when it comes to caring for alcohol-related illnesses. (Source: Join Together, 8/14/09)

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