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Alaska: Universal ID Checks for Alcohol in Anchorage

Mittwoch 11. Mai 2011 von htm

A proposed measure would require universal ID checks for anyone buying alcohol in Anchorage, AK liquor stores and bars. An earlier version of the bill included restaurants, but that provision has been dropped, according to The Anchorage Daily News.
The Anchorage Assembly will consider the measure Tuesday. An advisory vote in an April city election favored the bill 2-1. The ordinance is designed to curb underage drinking and to catch people who try to buy alcohol even though they have been court-ordered not to do so. … (Source: Join Together, 5/9/11)

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Addiction Linked to 9 of Top 10 Causes of Death in Alaska

Mittwoch 7. April 2010 von htm

Nine of the 10 leading causes of death in Alaska — all but Alzheimer’s disease — include alcohol, tobacco or other drug addiction as an underlying cause, the Juneau Empire reported March 15.
Smoking, for example, is a leading cause of cancer, heart disease and stroke, while alcohol use can contribute to diabetes and injuries, and addiction, in general, can underlie suicide. (Source: Join Together, 4/5/10)

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Alaska: All Alcohol Taxes Used to Fund Treatment, Prevention?

Freitag 12. Februar 2010 von htm

Alaska Senate Majority Leader Johnny Ellis has proposed directing all tax revenues from sales of alcoholic beverages to paying for addiction treatment and prevention programs, the Associated Press reported Jan. 27.
Ellis recently introduced legislation that would roughly double the $40 million in tax money the state currently directs to treatment and prevention. The current law calls for using half of alcohol tax collections on addiction programs. (Source: Join Together, 2/9/10)

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