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UK: Poor parenting increases likelihood of binge drinking at ages 16 and 34

Montag 29. August 2011 von htm

A study of over 15,000 children by the think tank Demos shows parenting style is one of the most important and statistically reliable influences on whether a child will drink responsibly in adolescence and adulthood.
Demos found that ‘tough love’ parenting, combining consistent warmth and discipline, was the most effective parenting style to prevent unhealthy relationships with alcohol right into the mid-thirties age range.
The report Under the Influence found that: Bad parenting at age 10 makes the child twice as likely to drink excessively at age 34
– Bad parenting at age 16 makes the child over eight times more likely to drink excessively at that age
– Bad parenting at age 16 makes the child over twice as likely to drink excessively at age 34. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 08/27/11) demos.co.uk, 08/28/11

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Severe Alcohol Abuse May Damage The Normal Course Of Neural Development In Adolescents

Samstag 23. Oktober 2010 von htm

Alcohol, to an adolescent, is often seen as a rite of passage. Many teenagers view alcohol (as well as other drugs) as a gateway to adulthood, but are often blissfully unaware of the damage that it can cause to their bodies. A new study of the effects of excessive alcohol and other drugs in adolescents has shown that both alcohol and marijuana overuse can cause serious detrimental effects on the development of the teenage mind. (Source: Medical News Today, 10/21/10)

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Major Decrease In Impulsivity-Related Problem Drinking

Mittwoch 2. Juni 2010 von htm

… Seen In 18- To 25-Year-Olds
Personality traits associated with impulsivity normally decrease during emerging and young adulthood, and these decreases are associated with reduced substance use. A new study of „trajectories“ of impulsivity and their association with problem alcohol use has found that the 18-to-25-years-of-age group exhibited the largest declines in impulsivity as well as the sharpest decreases in alcohol consumption. (Source: Medical News Today, 6/1/10)

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College Drinkers At Risk For Adult Alcohol Abuse

Donnerstag 26. März 2009 von htm

Study Helps Identify College Drinkers At Risk For Adult Alcohol Abuse
College students who are problem drinkers using alcohol to cope with personal problems and boost self-confidence are more likely to continue excessive drinking into adulthood, a recent study suggests.
The Ohio State University survey results suggest that adults who are still high-risk drinkers by age 34 may have inadvertently used alcohol to blunt the social and cognitive development that typically occurs during college, including the ability to handle alcohol. (Source: Medical News Today, 3/25/09)

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