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USA: NIH Director Outlines Reorganization Plan for ‚Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction‘ Research

Montag 22. November 2010 von htm

The director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that a proposal to reorganize the federal government’s major research agencies on substance abuse and addictions into a single entity „makes scientific sense,“ and has outlined a planning process to create a new Institute for „substance use, abuse, and addiction research and related public health initiatives.“
In a November 18 message sent to NIH employees and in a press release issued the same day, Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., said a new single Institute would „enhance NIH’s efforts to address the substance abuse and addiction problems that take such a terrible toll on our society.“ … (Source: Join Together, 11/22/10)

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Study: Social Factors among older drinkers

Sonntag 31. Januar 2010 von htm

Among older drinkers, social factors can both predict and sustain alcohol misuse.
Social factors have consistently been implicated as a cause of vulnerability to alcohol use and abuse. The reverse is also true, in that individuals who engage in excessive drinking may alter their social context. New research on drinking among older adults has found that older adults who have more money, engage in more social activities, and whose friends approve more of drinking are more likely to engage in excessive or high-risk drinking. (Source: Medical News Today, 1/28/10)

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USA: Swim team violations spark debate over alcohol rules

Dienstag 3. November 2009 von htm

A month ago, the North Carolina varsity swimming and diving team had no written or formal alcohol policy.
Five alcohol-related player suspensions later, that approach is a thing of the past. „When we had some abuses, we began to sanction people,” coach Rich DeSelm said. “For some people that was enough. For others it wasn’t.” The result is a zero-tolerance policy for drinking violations that carries a threat of suspension, giving the swimming and diving team one of UNC’s strictest policies. (Source: Google Alkohol Alert, 11/3/09) dailytarheel.com, 11/2/09

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