Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

UK: Everyday, Everywhere: Alcohol Marketing and Social Media—Current Trends

Dienstag 1. Mai 2012 von htm

School of Humanities and Cultural Industries, Bath Spa University, Newton Park, Bath BA2 9BN, UK

Aims: To provide a snapshot content analysis of social media marketing among leading alcohol brands in the UK, and to outline the implications for both regulatory policies and further research. Methods: Using screengrab technology, the complete Facebook walls and Twitter timelines for 12 leading UK alcohol brands in November 2011 were captured and archived. A total of 701 brand-authored posts were identified and categorized using a thematic coding frame. Key strategic trends were identified and analysed in the light of contextual research into recent developments in marketing practice within the alcohol industry…..
(Source: Alcohol Reports, 04/25/12) alcalc.oxfordjournals.org, 04/23/12

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