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UK: IFS still favours taxation over minimum pricing

Freitag 9. Dezember 2011 von htm

The economics think-tank the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) have published a new report on Alcohol pricing and taxation policies. It echoes many of the findings from a report last year in which it suggested minimum pricing would transfer further profits to industry and retailers, therefore favouring increased taxation.

The new report however suggests the current alcohol taxation system is not optimal and a „sensible starting point would be to tax all alcohols at an equivalent rate per unit. Such a change would require policy action at the EU level which the Government should pursue.“ …

„…prefer higher and restructured alcohol taxes as an alternative to minimum pricing. At least with taxation the revenues flow to the Government rather than to the industry. Taxes that were more closely focused on the alcohol content of different products could also allow something closer to a minimum price to be introduced through the tax system, perhaps in tandem with a ban on below-tax sales.“

However Dr Petra Meier, who conducted the University of Sheffield modelling on pricing impacts has previously said both taxes and minimum pricing should be used to reduce alcohol-related harm as it should not be an ‚either or‘ argument. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 12/08/11) Alcohol Policy UK, 12/06/11

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