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USA: Kansas Requires First-Time Drunk Drivers to Use Ignition Interlock Devices on Cars

Freitag 27. Mai 2011 von htm

A new law signed this week by Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas will require people arrested for the first time for drunk driving offenses to use ignition interlock devices on their cars. The law also requires the state to set up a central database of cases involving driving under the influence (DUI). …
The law, which goes into effect in July, strengthens the current law which suspends the license of a first-time DUI offender for 30 days, and allows a judge to order use of an ignition interlock device for another 330 days. The Associated Press reports that the new law mandates that the interlock device be used for 180 days after the license suspension.
Federal statistics showed that alcohol-related traffic deaths increased in Kansas in 2009 while they dropped nationwide. (Source: Join Together, 5/26/11)

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