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A Research Strategy Case Study of Alcohol and Drug Prevention by Non-Governmental Organizations in Sweden 2003-2009

Freitag 27. Mai 2011 von htm

Background: Alcohol and drug prevention is high on the public health agenda in many countries. An increasing
trend is the call for evidence-based practice. In Sweden in 2002 an innovative project portfolio including an
integrated research and competence-building strategy for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) was designed
by the National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW). This research strategy case study is based on this initiative.
Methods: The embedded case study includes 135 projects in 69 organisations and 14 in-depth process or effect
studies. …
Conclusions: This research strategy case study shows that it is possible to integrate research into alcohol and drug
prevention programs run by NGOs, and thereby contribute to a more evidence-based practice. A core element is
developing a trustful partnership between the researchers and the organisations. Moreover, the funding agency
must acknowledge the importance of knowledge development and allocating resources to research groups that is
capable of cooperating with practitioners and NGOs. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 5/26/11) substanceabusepolicy.com, 4/14/11

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