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Inefficacy of self-regulation of alcohol advertisements

Sonntag 22. Mai 2011 von htm

– a systematic review of the literature
Objective: The most recent scientific literature indicates that alcohol advertising influences behavior, particularly early and higher alcohol consumption by children and adolescents. From a public health perspective, alcohol advertising should be restricted. In many countries, as well as in Brazil, limits to alcohol advertising are established by industry self-regulation (e.g. controlled by the advertising community itself). We examined in this review all papers on the subject of industry self-regulation of alcohol advertising published in the international literature. … Discussion: The set of papers obtained indicates that industry self-regulation of alcohol advertising does not show evidence of efficacy. In other
words, such a regulation does not prevent, for instance, alcohol advertising directed at children and adolescents. Conclusion: Further measures should be considered for the control and the broadcast of alcohol advertising, such as independent monitoring, legal control. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 5/18/11) scielo.br

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