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French to crack down on drunk driving, speed on roads

Samstag 21. Mai 2011 von htm

New Swiss road safety review shows men 18-24 at risk for serious accidents caused by speed, alcohol.
French road safety officials meeting in Paris 11 May agreed to a series of radical changes to crack down on speeders and drunk drivers, shortly after April figures were released that show a sharp increase in road fatalities. Poland had the highest number of road deaths of any European country in 2009, Eurostat figures show, with more than 4,500 people killed, but France was second, with 4,273, followed by Italy with just over 4,000.
France has a population eight times greater than Switzerland, but the number of road deaths in 2009 was about 12 times greater, with 349 people dying in Swiss road accidents that year. Stiffer penalties, more prevention has worked in Switzerland, experts say. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 5/17/11) genevalunch.com, 5/11/11

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