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Australia: Booze culture out of control: police

Samstag 21. Mai 2011 von htm

Police say their latest national blitz on drunken behaviour confirms that Australia’s culture of alcohol and violence is out of control.
Over the weekend 1509 people were arrested in the ACT, Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia, as part of Operation Unite, a 48-hour police crackdown on excessive alcohol consumption across Australia and New Zealand. …
The Police Association of NSW was less impressed with the 563 arrests made in its state, calling for new strategies to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.
Acting president Pat Gooley said, “Operation Unite has proved that our culture of alcohol and violence is out of control, with boozed-up idiots running wild all over the country. “We need a comprehensive strategy for tackling alcohol-fuelled violence one that addresses the causes of the problem, not just the symptoms.“ (Source: Alcohol Reports, 5/17/11) canberratimes.com.au, 5/16/11

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