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UK: Senior industry figure proposes Government ‚alcohol minister‘ to deliver cohesive alcohol policy

Mittwoch 11. Mai 2011 von htm

Mark Hunter, chief executive of Britain’s largest brewer Molson Corrs, has suggested an ‚alcohol minister‘ should be considered to lead on a more cohesive alcohol strategy, including further action on price and taxation. Writing in the Morning Advertiser, Hunter criticised elements of current alcohol policy as dis-jointed, citing curbs on the promotion of lower strength products. Current advertising codes mean that brand owners cannot promote reduced strength drinks, which Hunter argues undermines policy to promote these through reduced taxation.
Hunter said he was „baffled“ by „policy decisions, such as the 7.2% duty rise on beer, that seem entirely disconnected from the alcohol responsibility and economic growth strategies emerging from Government.“ He spoke out against a policy that will continue to see the beer and pub trade decline further, depsite its vital role in providing as much as one million jobs:…
„… the most dramatic change in UK drinking behaviour over the past 30 years has been the systematic decline of beer from a 70% share of alcohol to 40%, while higher strength drinks have prospered supported by one of the most lenient tax environments, relative to beer, in the world (spirits tax up circa 15% since 1995).“ (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 5/09/11) Alcohol Reports, 5/9/11

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