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AU: Alcohol Bigger Cancer Danger Than Originally Thought, Study Says

Mittwoch 4. Mai 2011 von htm

A fresh analysis of cancer rates published in Australia on Monday suggests alcohol is to blame for many more cases than previously thought—with 5.6 percent likely to be triggered by regular drinking even at moderate levels.
More than 2,600 breast cancers—or more than one in five of total cases—nearly 1,300 cancers of the mouth and nearly 600 cancers of the esophagus a year are now thought to be due to Australian patients‘ drinking habits.
The upward revisions appear in a new position statement on alcohol by Sydney-based non-government organization Cancer Council Australia, which warned there was no safe level of alcohol intake, and that the estimates provided another reason for people to stay within official healthy drinking guidelines. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 5/3/11)
foxnews.com/health, 5/2/11

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