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UK: The tree of alcohol abuse (Essay)

Sonntag 1. Mai 2011 von htm

-and why its roots must be cut in other ways
BBC London has published a statistics showing that the number of London teenagers going to hospital with alcohol-related injuries has risen by 40% in the time of 2002 to 2007.
Doubtless a number that forces the British government to act, in order to combat teenage drinking. Their modest proposal lies in raising the legal drinking age to 21. Will older teenagers really behave in a more mature way than the kids of today?
Perhaps you should realize the root of all evil before you can come to a conclusion that definitely helps these pitiful teenagers.
Of course, there are many young people enjoying the taste of alcohol on a party, sometimes more boisterous, sometimes less.
All in all, alcohol is just an addition and not necessarily a forerunner of getting hammered. … (Source: Google Alcohol News, 5/1/11) hausaufgaben-forum.net, 4/29/11 our Online-Comment: I find it positive that somebody takes up this question as one of several possibible measures in order to reduce alcohol problems in London or anywhere.
The question of the age limit is being discussed too in the USA, they have 21 and in News Zealand where it was changed from 21 to 18.
They main medical reason to have 21 as limit is the fact that the brain is not fully developed until 25. The risk of damaging the brain is high and there are many studies which proof it.
Whenever a government or a parliament decides a law it only makes sense when it is possible to push it through. That means it needs a big acceptance. This age limit would need a big acceptance by the adults who want the law but also by the teenagers who are concerned. And that is the main problem. As long as the society is not willing to take responsibility and show an other behavior in drinking and reduce the total amount of alcohol consumption, the young people will not see the necessity of changing their behavior either.
What the government could do in order to reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm is very clear since the World Health Organization has accepted the Resolution on a global alcohol strategy in May 2010, signed by the British Government as well. Instead it cooperates with the alcohol industry and makes the problem even worse.
It is not necessary to drink to become an adult person. I know hundreds of personalities with good characters who never drank alcohol, I should say it makes you stronger if you can say no thanks and you will see who is worth to be your friend.

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