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Easy for minors to buy alcohol in European Union

Samstag 9. April 2011 von htm

Copenhagen’s bars willingly sold alcohol to 15-year old Swedes.
The work of young members of UNF, The Swedish Youth Temperance Association, reveals the actual strength of actions by the alcohol industry in the European Alcohol and Health Forum. Young UNF members from Sweden’s border regions to Denmark went to Copenhagen to conduct mystery shopping and the results give a clear signal: of in total 7 tested bars and pubs, Swedish minors were without problems able to buy alcohol 11 times. 4 out of these 7 places are part of a project of City of Copenhagen and the alcohol industry.
The City of Copenhagen runs a project, called “tryg den af” (engl.: “Have fun. Be safe”) together with the alcohol industry for responsible selling and serving. It is about certified bars and pubs that take responsibility for not selling alcohol to youth under the age of 18. How responsible selling and serving really is in Copenhagen was now revealed by UNF members. (Source: Press release activeeurope.org, 04/08/11)

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