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GB: Church criticises the Government’s alcohol ‘responsibility deal’

Dienstag 22. März 2011 von htm

The Methodist Church has criticised the Government’s “responsibility deal” to tackle alcohol abuse, saying that it prioritises the drinks industry over the vulnerable.
Rachel Lampard, Public Issues Team Leader for the Methodist Church, said:“We are totally unconvinced that the Government’s proposed ‘responsibility deal’ on alcohol regulation will be effective in reducing the problem of harmful drinking.”
The deal, announced today, covers voluntary agreements with the drinks industry on matters such as promotions and labelling. Six medical organisations, including the BMA and Alcohol Concern, have walked away from this deal on the grounds that it favours the drinks industry, and places no limits on pricing or advertising.
(Source: Google Alcohol News, 03/22/11) protestantnews.eu, 03/15/11 our Online-Comment: Thanks for this clear statement. I wished our churches would do the same to the Swiss Government. But they are afraid their members could dislike it.

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