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Moscow bans overnight sales of vodka

Freitag 20. August 2010 von htm

City authorities in Moscow have announced a ban on the sale of spirits between 10pm and 10am, in the most recent of a series of measures designed to break the country’s drinking habit. …Medvedev announced a war on alcohol last summer saying he was shocked by the „colossal“ level of consumption. He ordered the government to draw up measures to discourage excessive drinking and cut off supplies of bootleg liquor.
Russia has since increased excise on beer, raised the minimum price of a bottle of vodka to 89 roubles (£1.87) and announced plans to cut sales at kiosks. Legal changes to make it a criminal rather than an administrative offence to sell alcohol to minors are also in the pipeline and last month police began enforcing a zero drink-drive limit.
Shops and other outlets in Moscow had been banned from selling alcohol over 15% in strength between 11pm and 8am but a legal loophole allowed them to acquire permission for 24-hour sales from district authorities. Establishments serving food are not affected. (Source: Harvard World Health News, 8/20/10) guardian.co.uk, 8/18/10

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