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English drinking less alcohol, but deaths are rising

Freitag 28. Mai 2010 von htm

Fewer children are abusing booze but deaths are rising as north-south drinks divide opens in England.
Deaths from alcohol in England climbed to 6,769 in 2008, liver disease was the most common cause. Fatalities have risen by 24% since 2001. The figures, revealing a surge in prescriptions for medicines to treat alcoholism and a slight decrease in overall consumption, suggest that awareness of the health dangers and, possibly, the recession may be having some impact.
A cultural divide in drinking habits appears to be opening up between southern and northern England, with far less being drunk in London than elsewhere in the country. If overall consumption is falling, death rates – which chiefly reflect long term physical damage – will take some time to reflect any change. (Source: Harvard World Health News, 5/27/10) guardian.co.uk, 5/26/10

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