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Have a drink and share the sacrifice

Donnerstag 10. Dezember 2009 von htm

Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.) and several of his colleagues want wealthier Americans to “share the sacrifice” and contribute higher taxes to support the expansion of America’s war effort in Afghanistan.
There’s another way, a better way, for Congress to engage the American people in funding the war — and, as a bonus, reducing healthcare costs. What patriot would oppose higher taxes on alcoholic beverages and a new tax on sugary beverages to support our troops? We could even test the patriotism of the large foreign corporations that sell almost all of the beer and much of the liquor and wine consumed in this country, because the alcohol surtax would be imposed on them. They could then choose whether to pass the tax on to their hard-working American customers. By George A. Hacker – 12/08/09 07:36 PM ET THE HILL, WASHINGTON Online-comment: Good idea! It is a fact that higher prices reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm which costs our society many billions a year. The same would be the effect with higher prices on sugary beverages which are to blame for part of obesity. It is difficult to rise prices by taxation. But as a little sacrifice to help in funding the war it could work. And everybody would have a personal profit in lower health costs as we all are passive drinkers.

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