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EUCAM Trend Report Nov. 09 on Alcohol Marketing

Dienstag 1. Dezember 2009 von htm

The amount of alcohol marketing on the internet and other new media is increasing. This trend report shows that advertisers utilize the possibilities of creating interactive marketing that is more and more personalized to attract specific target groups. Alcohol advertisers attract young people by approaching them at several social network sites, banners on popular websites and approaching them directly by sending emails or creating a fan club. Even young people themselves have become part of the marketing strategy. By using user-generated websites, such as YouTube, youngsters become free and influential marketers. User-generated marketing
practices are becoming more and more integrated in websites of alcohol producers. In this way it becomes very difficult for policy makers to distinguish advertising from expressions by consumers.
The anonymous, interactive and global nature of advertising on new media is a challenge for policy makers. Monitoring the adherence to content restrictions in existing self regulation by independent parties is problematic. Although challenging, clear restrictions on the volume of alcohol advertising that are embedded by law may be a necessary step to regulate alcohol marketing in new media. trend report nov 2009 new media

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