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AMMIE: Alcohol Marketing Monitoring In Europe

Dienstag 17. November 2009 von htm

A systematical way for monitoring alcohol marketing will be developed in order to get insight in alcohol marketing practices in different European countries and to enable policymakers and other stakeholders to improve the existing alcohol marketing regulations within the framework of the self regulation systems.
NGOs in the participating countries, Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, will monitor the
volume and content of alcohol marketing practices for one year. Also young peoples opinions will be asked to get more insight in the way young people perceive the message in advertisements and to hold their opinions against the judgements of the advertising code committees. In order to promote alcohol marketing monitoring throughout Europe, all organisations who are interested in monitoring alcohol marketing are invited to join the other partners. The AMMIE project, which is funded by the European Union, has started in July 2009 and is coordinated by the Dutch institute for alcohol policy (STAP). (Quelle: EUCAM Newsletter, 11/17/09)

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