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USA: Underage drinking on campus

Samstag 7. November 2009 von htm

As we come down from National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, now would be an ideal occasion to evaluate the University’s role in implementing its stated alcohol policy — both with regard to preventing underage drinking on campus and facilitating an environment in which drinking is not seen as the only recreational option for students on weekend nights. Yet while at the beginning of last year University President James W. Wagner declined to sign on to the Amethyst Initiative, a petition that gained national attention as it called for the lowering of the drinking age, and instead called for a renewed and reinvigorated campuswide discourse and approach to the issue, the University seems to be falling short with regard to many of the key policy implementations its approach requires. (Source: Google Alkohol Alert, 11/6/09) emorywheel.com, 11/5/09 with our online comment

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